Call this move unfair, but it appears that the Verizon version of the Motorola Xyboard tablets will get Jelly Bean updates, while the unbranded models stick with ICS. The WiFi only units will remain with Ice Cream Sandwich, it appears.


Usually, in the Android world it’s the WiFi devices that usually get the updates first, then the cellular models. Motorola recently made an update to its upgrade page for the Verizon Xyboards, confirming the arrival of Android 4.1. There’s no specific date for this arrival and of course, this piece of news may seem irrelevant to most of you, but it may also signal a future trend, a dangerous one.

Carriers may start caring about the 3G versions more, not updating the WiFi versions and all that. Seeing how poorly the Xyboard was received, including our unenthusiastic review of the Xoom 2 version, I don’t think this measure will affect many people, since nobody bought the Motorola slates.