As you might already know, the Motorola XOOM dual core Honeycomb tablet launched yesterday, on Best Buy and Verizon. Well, the device is only 3G able right now, but it will get LTE support within 90 days, if the info we have is correct. However, in order for this feature to arrive on the slate, you’ll have to send it in.

You’ll miss your beloved Honeycomb tablet for 6 days and we’re thinking that Motorola was in a bit of a hurry when it launched the Xoom, wanting to be the first on the market with the Android 3.0 slate. Thus, they didn’t manage to bring Flash 10.1 and some other features to the product, like the 4G LTE connectivity.

In the image above you’re shown how to send the Xoom in, if you want to get it upgraded to LTE. Now let’s see how much time it will take for this to happen. 6 business days is what they said and we sure hope Motorola and the Verizon will stick to it.