In case you didn’t know, the Google Nexus 7 tablet has the ability to interact with a magnetic cover that will shut its display and make it enter standby mode. This function exists on many devices, including the iPad 2 and 3, plus some laptops and even BlackBerry devices.

The thing is that you probably don’t know where to find those smart covers for your Nexus 7. Well, MobileFun UK has that covered, showing off the new SD TabletWear cases in the video below. They may not be the most elegant or thin products, but they do their job just fine. The models shown in the vid are reinforced with strong materials and fixate the tablet well within their flip covers. They’re available in this online shop and as you can see, the magnet system makes the tablet go to sleep.

I can’t say I’m surprised by these features, since Apple bragged about a similar function for a year now. Expect future tablets to include support for magnetic SmartCovers and such accessories and maybe the next products of this kind will be more elegant and come in more varied colours than… black.