We’ve seen handsets tested for resistance in crazy conditions, gadgets getting smashed and blended anywhere on the globe, but how about a tablet review in the cockpit of an airplane? This original video was done by a bunch of Aussie tablet fans, taking the Motion Computing J3400 tablet for a test flight in a small airplane, as shown in the vid below:

The pilot wants a replacement for his HP TC1100 and it seems that he found it, because he really likes the J3400. Its outdoorsy display is great, specially for pilots, having to face shade when flying or luminosity issues.

Motion Computing’s product is available with Windows 7 Professional or Vista Business, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, WiFi, mobile broadband, Bluetooth 2.1, safe computing features, a 12.1 inch widescreen with active digitizer and more. Extra info is available here.

[via gottabemobile]