Chinese gadget website Shop Kami is offering a pretty nice piece of gear these days, a multitouch 3G tablet running Windows 7. What’s interesting is that the device is an Apple iPad clone, dubbed the Ezy Tablet and packing a 10.4 inch touch display. On board you’ll also find a 1.6 GHz Atom CPU, 2GB RAM (upgradable to 4) and a 250GB HDD.

Ezy comes with 3 USB ports, a built-in webcam, both advantages when compared to the iPad, that doesn’t sport such feats. The specs made this clone a pretty good tablet, comparable to any netbook on the market. For $680 a piece, this 3G device is worth at least a chance, but we should also mention that the price doesn’t include Windows 7.

Getting the tablet with the OS on board makes its price $860 and if you’re into the retail biz, you can buy 25 or more of them, making the Ezy reach a $52 price tag per unit.

[via Dvice]