It has been very clear over the past 2 years that the post PC era is truly here, as the desktop computer sales are dropping more and more and laptops are not doing that good either. However, in some areas the PC is still king, as shown by a recent study.


A recent market research from Deloitte found that 82% of college students own computers and 80% own smartphones, but only 18% of them own tablets. The combo of smartphone and laptops makes the tablets useless for students, said Deloitte’s Brent Schoenbaum. It’s strange to see such stats, considering that tablets are becoming a bigger part of education now.

They are being supplied to schools and kindergartens and many third world countries have developed partnerships with the likes of Apple. While tablets are well and fine and everything, doing your homework on sites like 作业代写 for the big old college, usually very complex projects requires something more than a slate, so that’s why PCs rule in that area.

Will future tablets be more homework-friendly?