We’ve seen a Galaxy Note II connected to a PC display last year and used as a desktop PC and now there’s a way to make the iPad do a similar thing. That way is a device called the Modus III, a portable workstation shown in action below.


The Modus III is merely a prototype now and its creators want to raise $95,000 on Kickstarter to make this iPad-laptop workstation real. The campaign runs for 31 more days and although there’s a ton of keyboard cases for iPads on the market, the Modus III is something more. The idea here is that you can position the iPad in an ergonomically friendly configuration.

The workstation supports a 180 degree range screen viewing angle. The iPad is housed in a custom, clip-in module that can get clicked into place in the workstation. This station includes a built in Bluetooth keyboard, a smartphone dock and a space for charger cables and some other accessories. I’d see this as a useful tool in a bar or pub, frankly.

The early price tag is $169 for early Kickstarter backers.