Microsoft’s answer to the Chromebooks has been rumored for a while now, without very clear hints till today. Now Microsoft is said to unveil the CloudBook and Windows Cloud during a May event.

An education-focused event has been confirmed for May 2nd and the Cloudbook is said to be a machine that doesn’t cost much and it’s able to run apps straight from the cloud. The laptop will run a special version of Windows 10 called Windows Cloud. This variant will be able to run apps downloaded from the Windows Store, but not x86 ones.

This feels like a Windows RT version, basically, but making up for this is the fact that Win32 based apps have been made available in the Windows Store. Windows Cloud builds have leaked ever since February and the folks who tried it out say that it’s basically Windows 10 with some modified settings and warnings, plus a focus on cloud.

Windows tried this out once before, when the netbooks were hyped for a year or two. Remember the ASUS Eee PCs? They worked fine for a while, but then they disappeared. Hopefully this time the project got smarter.