About a week ago, there was some strange info leaked on the web, pointing towards a sort of Windows 10 Cloud OS. Well, that seems to come true today, as a fresh leak makes the platform seem pretty much real.

Something called “Cloud Shell” or Cshell appeared at the end of January and then the name “cloud” appeared in the latest preview build of Windows 10. Even a leaked ISO appeared online since then and speculations have said that this platform is a spiritual successor to Windows RT. It’s a light version of Windows 10 meant to only run Windows Store apps, no x86 action.

The folks of Windows Blog Italia have scored a copy of the pre-release version and confirm all the previous reports. The OS looks just like the desktop version of Windows 10, but it can only run Windows Store apps. At least it supports Win32 apps that have been converted to Windows Store via the Project Centennial tools.

This is most likely an operating system meant for ARM processor devices.