While low prices and good performance sounds like an incentive to get a Windows 10 on ARM laptop, there’s another argument to get one. It seems that Microsoft is convinced these notebooks will offer multiple days of battery life.

That can’t be achieved right now on laptops, tablets and most high end smartphones. Laptops sometimes brag about 10 or 12 hours of usage, while some even promise 16 hours, although that’s a bit overkill. Microsoft and Qualcomm have been hard at work optimizing their software and CPUs respectively for the future notebooks. Lenovo, HP and ASUS are already on board and we should see at least one model come December.

Speaking at the Qualcomm 5G Summit, Pete Bernard, Principal Group Program Manager for Connectivity Partners at Microsoft claimed that future laptops with Snapdragon 835 processors will offer great battery lives. A new type of PCs dubbed “Always Connected PCs” are being tested within the company and they’re getting amazing battery lives, even multiple day ones.

You can basically go to work for a few days with such a laptop and not need a charger. These devices will run Windows 10 on ARM, that uses a special emulator to run traditional desktop Windows apps. This machine is a dream right now, since my own laptop dies after 2 hours maybe and I know people who can barely squeeze 4 hours out of their products.

I wonder if the battery makers will frown upon this…