As you probably know already, Microsoft will introduce the Surface Pro tablet in early February, but till then we also came across some interesting new accessories from the same company. MS has just announced new Touch covers, with laser etchings from 3 artists, plus a new generation of Wedge mice.

Touch Covers

The hip touch cover goes starts at $129.99, while the mouse goes for $69.95. Back to the Touch cover, it gets the artwork of names such as Joy Deangdeelert Cho, Liu Qing and Kate Bailey. The themes applies to the accessory are Flowers, Year of the Snake and Skulls. Owners of the Surface RT may already have a cover already, so this is just an option for a new accessory. The Surface Pro does not come with any kind of Touch or Type cover, in spite of the $899 price tag.

The Wedge Mouse you see here is supposedly inspired by the Surface tablet and this product is listed as “coming soon”. It’s a cable-free and clutter-free accessory, that’s easily connected to your Microsoft slate. I frankly find the latest Microsoft mice from the past years anything but ergonomic. What do you think?

Wedge Mouse