Before @evleaks was a big leakster, Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin was on first name basis with all major phone maker officials. Now he’s back with a scoop that may make Nokia fans sadder. It appears that Microsoft is pushing for the axing of the Windows RT Sirius tablet.


The device has already leaked a bunch of times on the web over the past weeks, as a red slate with the lines of the Lumia series. Microsoft is apparently already acting like they own Nokia and they’re pushing for a cancellation of the Windows RT Sirius tablet and a big part of the Asha touchscreen handset series.

The idea would be that since Nokia is a part of Microsoft, having them make a Windows RT slate would cannibalize the Surface 2, that’s for sure. Also, Nokia would have their brand name by their side, while people would avoid the Surface fearing the failure of the previous models. In this case we’re left to wonder what will actually go down in New York on the 26th of this month? Nokia was said to unveil the phablet there, but that was moved to October and now the tablet gets killed. How about that?

  • Clive Mclean

    Totally agree with MS. Nokia does need a tablet but not an RT. They need to bury the os once and for all. I’m a big fan of Nokia as I was of MS and by putting out a RT tablet Nokia would hurt their image as they would be putting an irrelevant and notorious device into the marketplace – they don’t need that. MS frankly should hands off Nokia phone strategy. They built a reputable company w/out MS and have a great strategy imo . As the owner of a Nokia budget phone -800 series- best phone I could ever afford, there is a niche for quality full purchase phones ( affordable off contract phones ) .MS doesn’t exactly have a stellar reputation in hardware marketing ( Xbox One, which I think already is a flop ). They should dialogue with Nokia instead of playing the guru.

  • heda_p

    Xbox one is a flop??? u must be kidding or blind ps4 fan

  • Clive Mclean

    In fact my friend, if anything I am a Xbox fan. Got the first and second Xbox on launch day and been on Live since day one. Loved Microsoft strategy of supporting, fixing and replacing the 360 in the early years of its cycle. I can’t remember another company doing that on such a scale in the history of electronics. For that MS has earned my lifelong admiration and respect. That out of the way, I’ve found that most people can’t be objective in their observations once they’ve picked a horse and can’t recognize their opinion is a bias. Biases are fine once we recognize them as such. Now there are some things Sony PS have done better than the Xbox. They are major things and they have corrected their mistake of that astronomical introduction price of their next console. Those things have already translated into a PS lead in preorders and the sale gap is only going to widen later in the console cycles as historically PS sells tons of consoles ladder in their life cycle. So my statement is that relative to the last time out MS has none done as well and can expect to do worse in next three to five yrs. This idea of the Xbox being an home entertainment console and all that is bogus and misguided.