The general consensus is that Microsoft’s Surface event was better than Apple’s MacBook one this week and that Microsoft is now making more original and futuristic products than Apple. Surface Studio is the crown jewel and it already seems to be well received, since it’s sold out, apparently.


It’s sold out in all versions, including the priciest $4200 model with 2 TB of storage, Intel Core i7 CPU and 32 GB of RAM. This all in one desktop has a 28 inch 4.5K screen and it’s excellent for advertisers, designers, artists and the enterprise environment. It starts at $2999 and delivery times are now listed as “early 2017”, instead of December 2016, as they were previously.

In the meantime, as we set to write this article, deliveries were back on and stocks were partially replenished for a few versions. Just for the sake of comparison, Apple’s freshly unveiled products have a 4 to 5 weeks delivery time frame, so at least they’re coming fast. You know what would be ironic? If the next “big thing” at Apple would be designed on a Microsoft Surface Studio.