The folks of Techcrunch posted an interesting rant on how overhyped the whole Microsoft Surface RT thing is and we decided to analyse their arguments. First, they claim that Microsoft rushed to the market with a product that doesn’t feel quite complete. They do find Windows 8 to be a solid OS and a great step forward, but that’s about it…

The unification of Windows Phone and Windows Phone is already embraced and the future will ease the process, as the public gets used to the common experience. Techcrunch also claims that Microsoft, in its usual fashion launched its worst product first. The thing is that all reviewers out there are out to get Windows RT and criticize it, especially for being slow and not totally taking advantage of the provided hardware. Microsoft is a bit to blame for this, since they created huge expectations around the product and the hype was killed by the wave of negative reviews.

We actually did a positive review for Windows RT, highlighting what’s positive about it and the potential it leaves open for the future. It’s true that the OS feels rather “green” and young, but we are dealing with a desktop OS morphed for mobile use, so what did you expect? Apple and Google came out with a totally new platform for mobile, while Microsoft has to turn something that feels old into something new, that’s infinitely harder than inventing something new… So what’s your take on Windows RT and the Surface, loved more for its hardware and design than anything else?

  • Steve Roberts

    This guy’s mannerisms and speech patterns are EXHAUSTING, although very interested in the topic I had to shut this off within 3 min…………

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  • D_Han

    How is this a fair review? Sitting right behind the guy is his entire Apple system. He should at least try to hide his own bias.