The Microsoft $999 128 GB Surface Pro tablet has sold out this weekend, at least in the online Microsoft Store in the US. It took only a few hours for that to happen, after the product went on sale on February 9th. The 64 GB version is still available, since after all it only offers about 20+ GB of storage.


You can also find every version of the Surface Pro probably available in stock at physical retail locations like Best Buy, where it also went on sale on the same date. If you check the stock levels via the company’s online tool you’ll see that the Surface Pro is listed as “Unavailable”, so it seems to be flying off the shelves. The Surface Pro is the more powerful Intel Core i5-based Windows tablet of the Surface series, that runs Windows 8 instead of Win RT.

It can run full fledged .EXE Windows applications from the desktop versions. We’re particularly surprised with the sold out status and apparent success of the device, since initial reviews have not been that encouraging, criticizing lack of storage and the poor battery, that provides 4 hours of fun. Just for the sake of comparison, the Surface RT sold out its $500 32 GB model in a single day, while the Pro only took hours to do that, so at first sight it may be a hit.