Samsung debuted the Windows 10 hybrid Galaxy TabPro S about 8 months ago and it got great praise and reviews all over the world. Now it seems we’re headed for a follow-up, as the device is about to get a successor. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S2 is being developed as we speak.


The first TabPro S got quite a bit of praise, even being considered better compared to the Microsoft Surface Pro. The TabPro S2 has been confirmed to be released over the coming months, with Windows 10 on board. There are 4 models confirmed as the TabPro S2: SM-W728, SM-W727, SM-W723 and SM-W720. They could either be different models for different markets, or various configs of the same device.

Rumors talk about a 12 inch Super AMOLED screen, with a 2160 x 1440 pixel resolution, as well as an Intel Core M processor. Expect a great keyboard, in the vein of the predecessor and an impressive battery. The build and obviously the price will also be premium. I wonder if Samsung will ever consider an Android hybrid…