When it comes to patents, Microsoft is looking like a company who is afraid to launch its product on the market. For a few years now we’re seeing a lot of patents for a foldable smartphone, but in spite of so many applications, MS didn’t launch a single product with this specific feature.

Whilist companies like Samsung, Huawei and LG are getting ready to unveil foldable devices as soon as next year. We’re still talking about Surface Phone / Andromeda, a device that still receives dozens of patents that describe even the small audio partsbesides the foldable screen and the associated hinge, but no sign of a real device yet.

Today we find out that MS put the Andromeda project in standby to focus on another dual-screen PC, known internally as the Centaurus. According to WindowsCentral, Microsoft has been working on this device for more than a year, and the goal is to officially present it in the fall of 2019.

We’re dealing here with a device that adopts a new format, one with Windows 10 onboard using two displays for increased productivity. There are a few similarities to the “Courier” project in the MS archive and we find that Centaurus is running Windows Core OS, a modern version of Windows 10.

It is capable of running x86 applications and, depending on the content displayed, the device will adapt to needs users. Imagine a kind of ZTE Axon M device with even bigger displays, but also narrower edges probably. Still, knowing how things are with Microsoft, the chances of seeing Centaurus officially released next year are pretty small.