Microsoft updated the Windows RT version of the Surface tablet earlier this month, only to find out that it actually introduced a bug that affects users by not letting them access the Windows Store or Windows Update. Also, some users complained that updates are attempted but can’t be completed. Well, now we’ll be done with that apparently, since another update is coming.


An official Microsoft statement claims that the company will issue a fix for the problem early next month. They say that some Windows RT customers tried to apply the January update and had install issues. The affected devices with Windows RT entered a connected standby mode during the download of updates from Windows Update, disrupting the connection. The fix will be rolled out to all Win RT slates in February, with the focus being on the Surface RT, since it’s best sold tablet with this OS, after all.

Hopefully this update also brings us faster loading times, since the apps on Windows RT took a while to open up. It’s a bad start for an OS to get its first updates with so many problems, but maybe Windows Blue will finally rid us of all issues, a few months from now.