Insiders are the ones who get the first look at Microsoft’s upcoming builds of Windows 10 and this time they should be able to get their hands early on the Edge browser Extensions. Those are exactly the same ones we get on Chrome, but ported and probably including new features.


The upcoming Insider release preview build, that will come just in time for the BUILD conference at the end of the month will bring those. Extension support for Microsoft Edge is already available in the latest rs1_release builds, that are being tested internally, so we’re days/weeks away from an Insider launch. This means devs will be able to get to work on porting over Chrome extensions to Edge.


Build 14284 is said to be the first one to include Edge extensions, which will reach the public in June with the Windows 10 Redstone update. It remains to be seen if the extras for the browser will come via a separate store or Microsoft Store. The BUILD developer conference will bring us more intel on that. I’m expecting anything, from Bing Translate to Angry Birds and from video downloaders to ad blockers.