HTC One 2 is the device being rumored to feature a dual camera these days, but apparently there’s another company interested in making such a device. That’s Microsoft and a recent patent confirms that. They are expected to integrate a stereoscopic dual camera of sorts on one of their future devices.


A patent has surfaced showing us a device with dual back side cameras with 3D photo taking abilities. The patents show that one of the camera captures the first image and the other camera captures the second, then the two are overlapped in order to produce a stereoscopic image. There’s a smart mirror assembly in the mix to make that possible and this patent dates from back in 2012.

I’m wondering if HTC will have problems with Microsoft because of this patent or if we’ll see dual cameras on Windows 8.1 slates or Windows Phone 8.1 devices. The dual camera system may actually be used for something else entirely, maybe like Google’s Tango project, for a 3D analysis of your surroundings, which sounds like Kinect to me…