There were some rumors recently saying that Microsoft was testing an Outlook application for Windows RT and now we’ve got solid info that the app is actually coming to the platform this year. People across the Microsoft company have been spotted using the Outlook desktop app on their Surface devices.


The release date for this app is expected to be around Fall, so that’s when consumers will get it on Windows RT. Confirming the existence of the Win RT Outlook app is Paul Thurrott from Windows SuperSite and he says that the software is in “shipping form”, so we may even get it earlier than fall. Sources had previously stated that Outlook RT wasn’t supposed to be releasd on Windows RT devices because of a firmware bug with the ARM chipset that would cause crashes.

There was also an issue with excessive battery usage, but both problems have now been fixed, according to people in the know. Keep in mind that Outlook RT won’t be released for free or bundled with devices, so you’ll have to subscribe to Office 365 in order to get the app. The landmark of the release of Outlook RT is also expected to coincide with the debut of Office on the iPad, so it’s going to be a big year for Microsoft.