This fall brought us quite a few new devices, but none got the appreciation and hype of the Microsoft Surface Studio, at least from the PC area. It even overshadowed the latest MacBook Pros from Apple. This week, the Microsoft Surface Studio finally starts shipping, to the appreciation of the buyers all over the world.


What you can see above is an email being sent to the people who ordered the device and who are about to get it soon. As you know, soon after the All in One PC was made available, it was met with shortages and delays in shipping, plus it was listed as out of stock for a while. Now, if you want to order one, you will have to wait for it to ship early next year.

Meanwhile, reviews are totally positive, with The Verge calling the device a “beautiful invader of Apple’s base”. Dubbed a device for creatives, this $3000 PC has a PixelSense 28 inch screen described as “stunning” and is very versatile, because it can be pushed down and used as a drawing board. The Dial is a very nifty accessory that lets you draw and trigger some special options on the big screen, like pallets, brushes and more.

There are also cons, like the slow hard drive (as mentioned here), last gen graphics, but in the end the design and intuitive hinge will get to you.