ipad-gamingTablet purchases won’t only bring big bucks to their makers but also to mobile content pushers. Of course slate ownership will only go up for the next years and Juniper Research is claiming that mobile content revenues will reach $65 billion in 2016, up from $40 billion this year.

This means that the tablets will beat smartphones in term of money made from the content provided on this support. Analysts expect annual revenue generated from content delivered to mobile handsets and tablets to increase by nearly $25 billion over the period. Music and video now stand for about half of all mobile content revenue, according to Juniper.

Games will be the ones pushing the entire segment forward, according to same source, accompanied by videos and ebooks. Direct carrier billing is a huge opportunity on smartphones when it comes to content monetization, so the battle between phones and slates will be big. Ebooks are right now the largest revenue makers on slates, especially thanks to e-reader apps from Amazon, Kobo and Nook, for example.