Microsoft has imagined a cool new way to interact with tablets and other such devices. It’s called FlexSense and seems like the perfect futuristic cover for your tablet. The work comes from Microsoft Research and it’s showcased below.

flexible flexsense

They’ve come up with a transparent smart cover for a Surface tablet, that’s basically a piece of plastic that can be placed on top of a slate and offer unique interactions. There’s no need for external sensors such as cameras for example. Microsoft’s demo shows how you can physically peel or flip the layers of a user interface or naturally reveal the certain parts of an image that has a filter applied.

All of these are done by using piezoelectric sensors within the thin layer of film. We can see this used in games, e-reading, Photoshop manipulation and digital key frame animation. Crosswords are also imagined, as well as gaming controller functionality. The product is basically an endless series of functions just waiting to happen on a tablet. How cool is that?