Combining toy brands and tablets has never been a problem for Mattel and Nabi, that launched 3 new sets of such devices this week. Now we have brand new Barbie Tablets, Hot Wheels Tablets and American Girl Tablets, powered by Nabi.


The devices will be available from October, priced at an affordable rate of $79.99. The products will come filled with digital content, as well as dedicated accessories from the same franchises. The Blue Morpho OS overlay will be available with over 400 kid-focused features. The Barbie Tablet will include dozens of Barbie-themed apps, games and videos, plus the ability to create your own Barbie Super Hero Comics and a video series dubbed “Barbie Spy Squad”.


There’s also a custom pink bumper and sound effects tailored to the experience. The Hot Wheels tablet has “Hot Wheels Labs’ videos, that teach the kids about resistance, friction or gravity, plus a “Tracks & Hacks” section with over 25 apps and games meant for hours of play. The American Girl model has over 70 apps, videos and games, with American Girl characters and craft ideas.

Parental control will be included and the slates all over 7 inch 1024 x 600 pixel displays, quad core CPUs, microSD card slots and Android 6.0 Marshmallow as the OS.