LG Display is rumored to have scored big partners for its latest initiative, that involves flexible OLED panels for foldable devices. The partners are none other than Google, Microsoft and Apple, much to Samsung’s chagrin.

In spite of the fact that Samsung basically has a monopoly on OLED panels, LG Display has been making advances at a faster pace. They’re favourites to supply the OLED panels for the iPhone 8 and for the first OLED iPads. Meanwhile Google and Microsoft are looking into the same technologies for the future Pixel and Surface phones respectively.

Judging by the Apple patents that have leaked online, they also have products of that sort ready, with or without a hinge. The latest theory going around is that LG is going to supply displays means to be used on foldable devices, that pack a mechanism able to keep the screen stretched over the outer surface. Samsung has been working on similar panels, but without a hinge and without any sort of deterioration after multiple bends.

The future will bring us massive competition and LG seems to have a bit of a head start, at least in popularity. Handsets that turn into tablets are pretty much a given once foldables come into play.