After a few days ago we informed you about the fact that Lenovo is currently planning to launch a Windows Yoga tablet, today we get to see the press invite that reveals the launch of such a tablet. As you can see in the picture below, Ashton Kutcher is again the star of this campaign after they teamed together for the announcement of Yoga tablets.


As it seems, this picture was posted on the Lenovo Facebook profile page with the “BIG Reveal” description along it. Looking closer at the image in case we can see that the tablet runs the Windows 8.1 operating system. Is expected that this tablet to pack a 10-inch display, 2 GB of RAM, an Intel Bay Trail processor and 16 GB of internal storage.

There’s also the possibility that in the future, Lenovo to launch a 13-inch Pro version of this tablet. As we already know, the Yoga tablets are coming with three modes of usage: stand, tilt or hold. Will you buy this new Yoga tablet once available in stores?

LE: You can watch the live launch right here by following this link.