Lenovo could be preparing a new Yoga tablet model, a 10 incher dubbed Yoga 2 10. We’re not sure if it’s an Android or Windows device, although Android seems to be favourite here. Lenovo’s Yoga devices with Windows come with build in keyboards, while Android models don’t, so that’s why we’re not sure.


The Yoga 2 10 model first came up through an FCC listing for a Bluetooth keyboard, which means that accessory is separated from the device and not built in. Lenovo uses the Yoga branding to describe two types of products: either Windows notebooks that turn into tablets or Android tablets with built in kickstands/handles. If the keyboard is external in this case, this is either an Android unit or maybe a brand new type of Windows device.

The “Yoga 2” name has been used for Windows models with Intel Haswell or Bay Trail processors, but this time it’s most likely Android material. The current Yoga line of Android slates use MediaTek or Qualcomm CPUs, HD or Full HD screens, 1 GB of RAM and a special battery with a huge capacity, even offering up to 18 hours of functioning time. Now let’s see the price…