Lenovo is the second largest smartphone supplier in China, but in spite of that it has failed to make a name for itself internationally. Also, in the tablet area they’re much less famous than ASUS or Acer for example, but probably on the same level as Huawei by now. And now they’re getting into the CPU biz.


They want to create a special section for chip design with a focus on smartphones and tablets, according to EE Times. The company has had a team of 10 people dedicated to such a task over the last decade and now that team will be expanded to about 100 engineers. Lenovo is looking to hire 40 engineers in Shenzhen and 60 in Beijing, said a source. The Chinese company doesn’t want to wait for other companies to ship its goods and wants to control its own timeline.

Huawei is already making its own chips and so is Samsung, successfully by the way, although most tablet and phone makers have turned to Qualcomm lately for their processing needs. Over the past years Lenovo has adopted MediaTek’s chips, but also the Exynos from Samsung on the LePhone K860 model. They also have an Intel-based phablet ready for debut, a powerful dual core unit, but they still want more…