A couple of months ago we showed you a hands on experience with some Lenovo tablets during the Lenovo Do Tour expo in Romania and now we’re back to review these slates. The first one is the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet, that gets unboxed in the following video, after the break.

Considering this is a business tablet, the cardboard packaging is a letdown, especially since he materials feel like those used to wrap eggs or other foods. Inside the huge box you find the tablet with some carton stoppers that automatically push the ON/Off button by mistake, plus a bunch of manuals, the charger, the charger adapter, the microUSB cable, the stylus and its battery.

The Lenovo ThinkPad tablet is bundled with a capacitive stylus, that’s actually needed more than you’d imagine, since the interaction between the finger and display seems to be somewhat flawed. From what I can see one of the best points of this device is the Honeycomb customization that’s been done here, but more about that in the full review coming in a couple of days.

  • lags like hell, I had it. Battery is a let-down, less than 7 hours, without 3G. Standby, 40% in 10 hours. Is this a laptop or what?

  • The OTA1 update fixes most of these issues.  Lot of folks real happy with the ThinkPad Tablet. Meet a bunch of them at http://www.thinkpadtabletforums.com

  • Those big buttons at the bottom edge of the device will be a disaster for users.  Did these guys ever try to use the tablet?  People rest the tablet on the lap to read and those buttons either got pressed or block from access.