Lenovo teased a new tablet at MWC 2014, a model that seems to be a new IdeaTab, if you ask me, rather than a new Yoga. This device seems to be a 10 incher if you allow me to speculate.


All we have right now is the teaser image above and that’s it, no specs, no nothing. Lenovo is a big name at MWC, so they’ll probably bring half a dozen of new products in Barcelona, including some slates, phablets, convertibles and smartphones. I’m sure we’ll see a new Yoga, a new IdeaTab, a new IdeaPad and a few other units.

I’m pretty sure they’ll unveil a smartwatch as well, since Samsung already did and Huawei will most certainly do that today. They also have the occasional 6 inch smartphone, so maybe we’ll get a new K series model with beautiful metallic case. We’ll see…