We already knew about Lenovo’s Yoga convertible tablet with Windows 8, the one pictured below, shown early this year at CES. Now Lenovo is up for a repeat, saying that they’re preparing a Windows RT convertible slate. The Yoga had an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU and a $1,000 price tag, so maybe the Win RT will offer us a smaller, lighter and cheaper package, with similar performance and better battery.

Also, I hope that the 3.3 pound Yoga will become a much lighter device in the case of the Win RT unit. The Wall Street Journal is saying that Lenovo is working with Nvidia on this product, saying that it will have a keyboard that flips around to turn the product into a tablet. That sounds pretty much like the Lenovo Yoga, right? Samsung and Dell are also rumored to be making their own Win RT devices, but they have yet to make announcements. So far, only Microsoft and ASUS made announcements on Windows RT devices.

Starting early next year Microsoft will lift Windows RT licensing restrictions, so many more companies will have access to the OS. CES 2013 will be filled with such devices and we also have a partner who bailed recently, HP, who didn’t want to make Windows RT tablets yet. Lenovo recently unveiled the business-focused ThinkPad 2 tablet and now they announce this Windows RT initiative. It will be an interesting autumn for sure!