Forget the iPad! The coolest tablet-netbook hybrid ever comes from Lenovo and it’s so neat that you’ll forget almost instantly that the Apple tablet ever existed. We’re talking about the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 hybrid PC, shown in action in the video below and incorporating a tablet that can be snapped onto a laptop, functioning as its display afterwards:

The tablet section is brilliantly integrated into a clamshell system and it’s able to switch from using its own OS and CPU to the main unit’s components, in seconds. The main segment weighs a total of 3.8 pounds, while the tablet weighs 1.5 pounds. We also learn that the IdeaPad U1 comes with a 11.6 inch HD LED multitouch display.

Lenovo’s uber PC runs Windows 7 and uses a powerful CPU, while the tablet segment relies on the customized Skylight OS and an ARM processor. Lenovo’s Hybrid Switch technology allows both units to switch between processors easily. Expect the incredible device to hit the market around June, for about $1000.