It seems that Lenovo it’s getting ready for the launch of another three new tablets with different screen sizes 7, 8 and 10 inch. These new tablets are IdeaTab A7, IdeaTab A8 and IdeaTab A10. We can take a look on a set of pictures even if these tablets weren’t officialy announced.


While the specification are not yet known, we find out that the IdeaPad A10 will be a Windows model while the IdeaTab A7 and IdeaTab A8 will be Android tablets. All tablets have front speakers, and two camera (rear, front), Dolby technology and a ultra-thin frame.


We alos notice a HDMI output, and a sliding side on the 7 and 10 inch model that could mean they’re having microSD card slot and SIM slot. The 10 inch tablet has a bluetooth keyboard that allows users to cover the screen, and carrying it like a notebook.