Lenovo intended to rule the PC and tablet segment by 2016, but it managed to partially achieve that goal a few quarters earlier. The latest earnings release from the Chinese brand shows a $262 million net profit for the months between July and September and an increase in tablet sales.


There’s also big profit coming in from the enterprise part from IBM. Lenovo did miss the analyst estimates though and smartphone sales declined, but their PC business is still going strong. Recently, Lenovo became the world’s third largest smartphone maker, as it integrated Motorola Mobility into its business. The company now has a PC market share of 20%, increasing its lead over the likes Dell and HP.

Sales of laptops and PCs increased by 0.9% and 6.4% respectively in the past quarter, while mobile device sales fell 6% in the same time. It would be nice to know more about Lenovo’s evolution on the tablet market, but they always like to disclose such figures bundled with the handsets or PC, to make them look impressive. If you ask me, they’re probably behind Samsung in the tablet biz, at least in the Android segment.

However, I have a feeling those Yoga models are selling pretty well.