You must’ve heard about the Kno, a tablet for students with a pretty high price point and already getting the interest of many colleges in the States. Well, Kno might be a textbook replacement, but the company behind it might leave the hardware biz and turn to software.

Considering that tablets using pens have been around for quite a while, their product is not much novelty. Also, such devices never got the needed love from students, who still rely on textbooks, or prefer netbooks/laptops. Kno’s software might succeed where the hardware fails, still.

Kno already has a bunch of deals that will come in handy, with Cengage Learning, Pearson and Wiley, McGraw Hill and many more. Marketing will soon start in 10 college campuses in the U.S. and expanded from there. Last we heard, the California company was planning to release a single screen version of its slate for $600 and a double display clamshell one for $900.