Kinect for Windows is getting an important SDK update on March 18th, reaching version 1.7, that Microsoft calls “the most significant update to the SDK since the first version was released”. This update includes the 3D object scanning application Kinect Fusion.


Microsoft took advantage of the opportunity of participating in the Engadget Expand event and unveiled the features of the SDK update and also showed some live demos of Kinect Fusion and Interactions. Fusion creates live 3D models of people and objects, while Interactions adds a variety of recognizable gestures to the Kinect for Windows SDK.

The fresh SDK enables both hand recognition and real time 3D modeling. The hand recognition gestures include “push to press buttons, grip to pan capabilities and support for smart ways to accommodate multiple users and two person interactions”. The interaction in the demos seemed to work even with finer movements, especially in comparison with the Xbox. Even smaller gestures were perceived. Will this reach tablets one day?