It’s been about a year since the Kindle Paperwhite was released, so we’re bound to see a new model soon. A leak points us in the same direction, with Amazon’s web store from Germany letting slip details about the new product, called Kindle Voyage for now.


The Japanese Amazon also contributed to the leak a bit. The listings mention a 300 ppi display, a 6 inch resolution, as well as WiFi and 3G versions. The product measures 112 x 116 mm in dimensions and it will be 8 mm in thickness, apparently. It appears that the product page has been pulled in the meantime and the prices we learned are $190 for the WiFi unit and $250 for the 3G one.

Both are set for a November 4th unveiling. The Paperwhite is said to be replaced with Voyage, as the official branding, according to a Spanish source. We should also mention that the newcomer brings intelligent front lightning ad a new page press sensor, to turn pages with a different mechanism. Amazon has yet to comment on the leak or make a launch…