Amazon will listen to its customers and release a software update in less than 2 weeks and this update promises to fix performance and UI problems. The info comes from New York Times and it appears that the new software will come in less than two weeks, if the promise is kept. This means that the fresh software will arrived about a month after the 6.2 update came at the end of November.

The update brings a performance increase and the ability to edit the list of recently used items on the home screen carousel. An inside source says that this is an OTA software update, that also tweaks the Silk browser and makes it perform better. Everyone was expecting more from a solution that took price in its name and bragged with cloud server operations for faster loading. In the meantime, NY Times reminds us that there will be another version of the Kindle Fire arriving in Spring.

The question here is whether or not the new device will pack the same diagonal size or go with a bigger screen. A different display will be a welcome option, but till then we have the new software to install and the enhanced Kindle Fire to play with.  Maybe some Xmas price reductions too?