Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post last year and today we learn a portion of the acquisition’s perks for Amazon’s users. Apparently, the owners of the Amazon Fire Tablets will get the Washington Post for free for 6 months.


After that point, the users will have to spend $1 for a 6 month subscription and when that expires, you will have to pay a monthly fee somewhere between $3 and $5. The app will be updated twice daily, once at 5 am and the other at 5 PM, plus it will also arrive on more Android and iOS devices in 2015. The Washington Post app will be available on the Fire tablets thanks to an over the air update coming soon.

In case you’re wondering, Bezos spent $250 million of his own cash to buy the paper and back then this happened, it was rumored that the head of Amazon would change the publication’s name. The new decision to offer the Post for free will certainly expand the readership of the publication, especially since Kindle Fire sales stood for 22% of all US tablet sales.