Third party keyboards have even been embraced by Apple on iOS 8, so it’s no wonder that input systems are also evolving with strides on Android. Google has been working on a keyboard app with an unique touch, offering great real time translation as a feature.


The app allows one to have conversations with people in multiple languages, that will automatically be translated via Google Translate. According to a brand new Google patent filed two years ago, Google has come up with a smartphone keyboard that splits into two halves and lets people type on opposite sides of the device. This means that if you write something in English and press “send”, it appears almost instantly on the other person’s screen in the language you want it translated to.

Then, when they write an answer, that will also be translated just as fast to you, into English. This is a pretty cool feature, but it’s not very comfy in a foreign country, because it would mean handing over the phone to other people to ask where the bathroom is. There are alternatives out there, like the new Translator Keyboard, that lets you type messages with the iOS keyboard and then translates it to 40 different languages on the display.