I just saw Iron Man 3 – the movie after reviewing the game in the video below. Well, folks, I gave the game a 7 out of 10 and the movie is a solid 3.5 to be honest. It’s a comedy cop movie, where the robot doesn’t even appear as often as we’d like…

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Back to the game, I tested Iron Man 3 The Official Game on the iPad Mini and while I was impressed by the graphics, the game lacks in soul, controls and original voices.

The game, which could be just as enticing as 배팅사이트, comes from Gameloft, it’s available for free and it takes up 650 MB, plus it wants to access your contacts for some reason. This is an endless runner title, or better said an endless flyer, that on Android takes up 795 MB.

You play as Tony Stark and alternate between 18 suits, each with their perks, upgrades and cool weapons. There’s no Robert Downey voice in the game, or Gwyneth, sadly… You get two resources: crystals and Stark credits, with which you upgrade armors and build new ones. You’ve got Mark V, Mark III, Mark 42 and a ton of War Machines to play with, which is cool.

There are boss battles and a lot of dodging around, but what’s dodgy is the control, that’s not very precise when it comes to touch input. Also, things are pricey, so there’s a lot of grinding to do. With that being said, the game is still fun to play, but not as solid as Subway Surfers, for example. I give it a 7 out of 10 and you can get it from here.