Samsung has decided to adopt the Ativ branding for all its Windows PC products and you should probably know that this brand debuted last August. It was however restricted to tablets and phones, but that’s set to change soon.


The Samsung Series 3,5, 7 and 9 laptops will get the Ativ Book branding, while the All in ones Series 3,5 and 7 will be called Ativ One and the Ativ Smart PC and Smart PC Pro will be rebranded to Ativ Tab 5 and Tab 7. Once again, Ativ stands for “Vita” in reverse, a popular choice lately, considering that Sony also has the PS Vita.

Last I heard, the Samsung Ativ Tab was not coming to Europe or USA, while the Samsung Ativ S smartphone was pretty much canceled everywhere, so things were not looking up for the brand. However, it has now risen from its ash and this may be a sign that come IFA 2013 we may be seeing new tablets and Windows Phone devices.