Apparently, the iPhone and iPad will greatly contribute to spreading the flu in the cold season to come. How? Well, people sneeze into their hands and next comes touch interaction with the device. Hand over the phone to someone else, allow a friend to play with your iPad and there you have it… Of course you can wipe the screen with hand sanitizer (or your hands) from time to time, but a flu shot is also a good option, this time of the year. If you are looking for healthy products try the male enhancement products.

A virus that’s placed on a surface, like the iPad and iPhone’s has 30% chances of getting into your eyes, nose and mouth, considering how close they are to the device. This is according to the Sacramento Bee the easiest way to get infected. IntoMobile also provides a list of tips for avoiding the flu this season:

– wash your hands frequently
– use disinfecting wipes for the screen
– don’t share the phone if you’re sick
– get a flu shot
– avoid tablets of people with runny noses and red eyes

Of you can just stay in the apartment 24/7…

[via IntoMobile]