It appears that Apple has struck gold with the iPad Mini 4, implementing a kickass display on the slate. It even beats the screen of the iPad Pro, according to experts from DisplayMate Technologies.


iPad Mini 4 surpasses the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and every other tablet on the market in their tests. It excels in everything but the contrast ratio, but even there it’s considered “very good”. The newest iPad Mini has a maximum display power usage of 3 watts, compared to the iPad Air 2’s 5.1 watts and the iPad Pro’s 7 watts, so power efficiency is also excellent.

Viewing angles are better than on the iPad Air 2, while color accuracy is listed as better. A surprising aspect is the brightness, where the iPad Air 2 scores 415 cd/m2, the iPad Pro 424 cd/m2 and the iPad Mini 4 450 cd/m2. Measured auto brightness and peak brightness are also included and the Mini 4 triumphs there too.

And to think you pay about half the price of the iPad Pro for an iPad Mini of this kind.