American Airlines have just started using iPads in the Cockpit, so the Apple tablet conquered yet another segment of everyday’s life: flying. The authorities from the Aviation field have approved the slate for use on airlines and they’ll be nearby pilots who want to rely on the Apple tablet to navigate with maps.

American Airlines are the first to approve such a revolutionary system. The first iPad flights will take off on Friday, as the FAA gave its blessing recently to use the tablet during all phases of flight. Pilots will rely on the iPad as their electronic chart and digital flight manual reader. The B-777 aircraft will debut the iPad use and it will be followed by the rest of the fleets. Electronic charts and manuals not only save some paper, but also increase efficiency and order around the flight deck.

The iPad 1 and iPad 2 were approved for use and other airlines, like the United, Alaska and UPS are reviewing the potential of the gadget. A 6 month test trial was done before the approval was issued and thousands of hours of flight were enough to prove the iPad’s efficiency. The iPad will replace 35 pounds of paper that pilots have in place.