Usually music apps on the iPad bring you a set of drums, some guitar strings or maybe a bunch of techno samples… well, this time the Rockmate application gathers them together and gives you the functionality of a music studio. Of course, there’s always the famous Garage Band, but why not shop for an alternative.

As you can see in the image above and the video below, up to 4 people can play instruments using this tiny piece of software. It costs a mere $0.99, a sale price that lasts till December 21st and it brings support for AirPlay, export options and song recording/playing sessions. Smart chord progressions, separated guitar effects and in house audio samples will give you a fully customizable music experience. Customizable keyboards and drums are also included here.

The app is created by Fingerlab SARL, measures 89.5MB in package download size and it requires iOS 4.3 or later. Users on iTunes have been saying that this solution is n par with GarageBand, but much more fun thanks to the multiplayer aspect. Also, it appears that drums in this software are much more responsive than those in Garageband and the price is more appealing too. Animations for instruments and playing are also great.