Looking for a quick synth or composer for some amateur music work? Today we came across an interesting software product called Syndtsphere, that could just be one of the most flexible music instruments ever. It can reproduce any sounds basically and you can use it on the iPad, iPhone and Mac.

It can play a violin sound, flute, bass and more. Klevgränd is behind this piece of software, but they also made a variety of other iOS music apps, most of them synths and various versions of classic effects. SyndtSphere is basically a synth with a keyboard at the bottom of the screen and there’s a sort of infinite sound field above. It’s basically a sphere that once it rotates it hits various notes.

Spin the globe, pick a piano or violin and you’ll get the tune you’re looking for. It’s an intuitive way to navigate between sounds and also to get hybrid sounds that aren’t typical of a classic instrument. Many people imagine a certain sound, but have a hard time reproducing it on an instrument. This helps a lot. There are also other options, like delay/echo and the option to use this in tandem with Audio Unit.

SyndtSphere is free on the Mac as an AU or VST plugin. However, on iOS it’s priced at $1.99.