Everyone is waiting for that day when the iPad is no longer the most popular tablet to come, but that’s not going to happen soon. This is also confirmed by the fact that the iPad satisfaction rate is at 84%, according to a new survey, done by Wichita State University’s Software Usability Research Laboratory. Apple’s share of the global tablet market is estimated to 61.5%, according to IDC.

62% of those questioned by the Wichita institute rated the Apple slate as “excellent”, while 21% said it was good and 10% claimed it was the “Best imaginable” tablet. 4% of the people surveyed described the gadget as “fair”, 2% called it poor and 2% thought it was awful. Of course, we can’t really judge the market by a study involving a mere set of 52 respondents, but rest assured that the big studies with thousands of people involved have similar results.

For example, a recent ChangeWave study showed that the iPad’s satisfaction rating was as high as 95%,, so that’s all the more impressive. PCWorld also did a survey in the mater, finding that the iPad is seen as “miles ahead of competition”, when it comes to ease of use, durability, battery life and screen quality. The Apps are very appealing for the iPad users, with the Wichita study finding that 46% of users have between 21 and 60 applications installed on their iPads.