The biggest battle of the year between platforms and device makers is waged around Christmas time. The company who loses that battle loses the war for the whole year, or so is the general perception. Well, it seems that things weren’t that good for the iPad around Christmas time 2012, with Android eating out of its market share.


Web advertising and analytics company Chitika released some numbers today, saying that the iPad share of web traffic dropped 7.14% after Christmas. The Apple tablets accounted for 86% of all tablet web traffic in the first part of December, but then reached 78.9% closer to the end of the month. As far as smartphones go, the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III had spikes in their usage, with both getting about a percentage of web traffic. It appears that the Kindle Fire had the most to gain from the iPad’s drop in web traffic use.

This way, the Amazon slate reached 3.03%, while the Samsung Galaxy tablet received an extra 1.38%. Google’s Nexus also added almost 1% to it share in the meantime. So, all Android partners gained share, while Apple lost it, meaning Android is starting to eat out of the Apple pie, but not too much right now. Even the Microsoft Surface grew a little bit, adding 0.17% to its browser share. I wonder if Win 8 tablets or Win RT models will get to reach 5% at least till this year is out…